High-Quality PFPE Grease

We solely specialize in PFPE greases, the No.1 grease for not only industrial applications, but also everyday activities. PFPE grease is at home in all environments as it has no flashpoint and is non-toxic. It functions just as well in extremely hot environments as it does in extremely cold temperatures.

Our product line exceeds the market standards, and come in affordable rates and volumes. Contact us for more information.



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Why Use PFPE Grease:

  • It’s compatible with oxygen & is non-combustible
  • Functional in a wide temperature range
  • 100% compatable with plastics, rubbers and metals
  • Will not react to solvents, acids or other chemicals
  • Vacuum compatible


Our PFPE greases are known for being extremely resistant to combustion and oxidation, all thanks to their exclusive chemistry.

The majority of hydrocarbon-based lubricants need additional antioxidants in order to become resistant to oxidation. Oxidation is a phenomenon that occurs due to environmental oxidation which causes reactive non-charged radicals to attach the hydrocarbon chains, shortening them and altering their functionality. When this occurs, viscosity can increase which leads to reduced lubrication and an increase in total acid number (TAN).

PFPE greases and lubricants are composed of many carbon-fluorine bonds which together form the strongest bond possible in organic chemistry, making bonds within PFPE extremely hard to break, therefore very stable. PFPEs are so stable that all molecules wihin them are seen as inert, so no antioxidants or additives are needed. PFPE grease and lubricants are also free radical oxidation resistant and will not be broken down by harsh chemicals or solvents.

Enparticles PFPE greases are compatible with nearly all plastics, metals and rubbers.


industry-pfpePFPE grease is 100% chemically inert, which means it has no flash point. It can withstand extreme temperatures as well as harsh working environments. Read more…

bearings-pfpePFPE grease is always thickened with PTFE, making it an excellent lubricant for industrial bearings and other moving components that require the best lubrication. Read more…

mountain-bike-pfpePFPE grease is the only type of grease that can handle humidity, repel water, perform under extreme tension, and at the same time perform consistently. Read more…

price-pfpePFPE grease is slightly more expensive than other types of greases. However, it will last significantly longer, perform better, and overall more reliable. Read more…