10 Uses for PFPE Grease

  1. Aircraft Instrument Bearing Grease

Aircrafts require some of the highest-precision components and therefore require the best possible grease and lubrication to keep those components working. Aircraft instrument bearings need to be long lasting and versatile, as they’re typically used in gyro spin or gimbal applications. Accuracy and low torque are required for optimal functionality.

2. Taper plug valve, gaskets, and joint bearings in aircraft fuel systems.

Just like bearings and other components on an aircraft, the valves, plugs, gaskets and joints all require special lubrication that is optimized to last. PFPE grease is the answer for all these components, o-rings and gaskets.

3. O-ring and valve lubrication

Various o-rings and valves must be kept lubricated in order to function properly. PFPE grease is easily absorbed by o-rings and forms a bond with valves, making it the choice grease for these applications.

4. Snowcat & piste machine

Snowcats, also known as “piste machines” are truck-sized snowmobiles designed to groom ski trails as well as move snow around. Since these machines operate in freezing temperatures for months and months at a time, they require a lubricant and grease that is optimized for a wide range of temperatures. PFPE is the perfect solution as it functions at temperatures as low as -40 C.

5. Folding & Sebenza Knife Lubrication

Knives are pretty safe when used and maintained properly, but when their joints and moving parts start to rust or corrode they can become a dangerous accident waiting to happen. If you have any type of folding knife, switchblade or a sebenza knife, then you should consider lubricating the moving parts with a PFPE grease. The grease will bond to the metal, lasting nearly forever.

6. Bicycle headset, bottom bracket and hub bearings

The headset, bottom bracket and hubs of a bicycle all require grease, more often if they’re on a commuter bicycle or one that is used in a wide range of weather and various conditions. PFPE grease is much more durable than conventional bicycle greases.

7. Oven conveyor chain and bearing lubricant

PFPE grease has the widest operating range when it comes to temperatures. Just as PFPE grease is at home in below-freezing temperatures, it’s also perfectly functional in rediculously hot environments such as in ovens. PFPE grease is perfect for oven conveyor chains and bearings.

8. Astronaut space suit bearing and breathing apparatus lubricant.

Astronauts need the absolute best equipment when venturing off into the unknown. You simply can’t cut corners when you’re exploring outer space, which is why astronaut’s space suit bearings and breathing apparatus’s require PFPE grease.

9. Top coating lubricant on CD drives

Yep. Bet you didn’t know that the tops of your computer disc drives are lubricated with PFPE grease.

10. ABS – automotive braking systems

ABS brakes in cars need to be reliable, so they require the most reliable and durable grease on the planet: PFPE grease.