About Us

We have been around for decades, supplying the world of industrial operations and heavy manufacturing with the best alternative chemicals. Ever since the beginning, our vision has been to provide high-quality chemicals to satisfy our customers in an affordable way. We place huge emphasis on product sourcing, in-house testing and continuous improvements in our operations.

Today, Enparticles have a handful of subsidiaries operating under different names and product lines, to satisfy the diverse worldwide market. As our clientele expands and new needs are created, Enparticles as a company needs to keep up. By investing resources and time in our team and business operations, we have successfully and consistently grown from a US company, to a global brand.

We are constantly receiving orders from big brand as well as more local companies, who need high-quality chemicals in smaller quantities. As we keep growing, we will always keep the options and flexibility of working with us, no matter how big the customer is, we make sure every company regardless of size, gets a fair chance of working with us.