Automotive Uses For PFPE Grease

There are a number of reasons to purchase a high-quality, long-lasting grease such as PFPE grease. For those jobs that you really don’t want to have to do again and again, PFPE grease is the perfect solution. When it comes to maintaining your automobile, there’s nothing better than the power of PFPE. Many of our customers rave about the long-lasting effects of our grease and use it for countless automotive applications.

Lubricating Convertible Seals

Lubricating the seals on a convertible roof – PFPE grease will ensure that your convertible roof seals don’t dry out which will help you stay dry. One of the biggest causes of leaks on convertibles is due to the seals being dried out and therefore allowing water to seep through. PFPE grease will keep your drop-top leak-free.

Lubricating Convertible Retractable Hardtop Roofs

If you drive a convertible with a retractable hardtop roof, you’ll want to make sure that all moving parts and joints are properly lubricated – PFPE grease is the perfect lubricant for ensuring that your hardtop convertible roof will move and work flawlessly.

While it might not look like it, there are many moving parts making up a hardtop convertible roof, and they call require lubrication. The majority of convertible roofs out there aren’t being regularly serviced, which is especially problematic if you get caught in the rain. Not only do the moving parts require grease and lubrication, but so do the rubber seals responsible for keeping water out of the main cabin.

These rubber seals, like anything rubber, tend to wear down and dry out over time regardless of what type of climate you live in. Even in warm and sunny climates (where the majority of convertibles are), rubber seals and convertible tops need maintenance and attention. The hours of sun exposure is hard on rubber and will cause it to dry out over time if the seals aren’t kept lubricated. If the rubber seals dry out and you get caught in the rain, be prepared for a leaky roof and even more problems as water will seep into your interior and other areas of your car where it shouldn’t be.

PFPE grease is far superior for lubricating these seals as its working temperature range is much wider than silicone or hydrocarbon greases. PFPE grease is also chemically inert, so it won’t end up reacting with any other grease or solvent should there be any present. A thinner grease/lubricant is ideal for lubricating these seals as it’s easier absorbed by the rubber and is less likely to rub off.

So what else should you lubricate besides the rubber seals? Well, a lot of BMW and Volkswagen EOS owners out there make sure to not only lubricate the entire perimeter of rubber on their hardtop convertible, but also all the control arms, screws, joints and any pivot or moving part to ensure proper operation each any every time you drop the top.