What is PFPE grease?

PFPE stands for Perfluoropolyether and is a complete inert and fluorinated chemical which is used for advanced applications such as aerospace and aviation. PFPE grease is by far the most superior type of grease on the market.

Where is PFPE grease used?

PFPE grease can be used for almost anything, whether it’s a squeaky door or any car parts that needs lubrication, PFPE grease will do wonders.

How is PFPE grease different from other types of grease?

It is completely water repellant, withstands extreme temperatures and humidity, and best of all; it’s the most durable grease on the market. Learn more about the difference between silicone grease and PFPE grease and be sure to read up on the benefits of PFPE grease.

Can I mix PFPE grease with other types of grease?

No, once you apply PFPE grease, it will stay. Unless you get a PFPE solvent, it will actually repel any other liquid or grease applied onto it.

Is PFPE grease flammable or toxic?

PFPE (Perfluoropolyether) is completely inert and will not catch on fire, one of many reasons why it’s used in aerospace and aviation applications. And no, PFPE grease is not toxic and does not contain any harmful chemicals.

What is the shelf life of our PFPE grease?

10 years+ . On top of that, PFPE does not degrade easily and can be stored for a long time.

Where can I purchase PFPE grease?

Many big manufacturers order PFPE grease by the tons. However at Enparticles, we offer consumer friendly volumes and packaging.