PFPE Grease & Silicone Recycling

If you’re a silicone recycler, you surely know the importance that grease plays when it comes to processing and recycling. As you know, the recycling industry in this day and age (especially silicone recycling) requires little to no manual labor, meaning that machines must take over for jobs that used to be done by humans.

Humans can’t perform at their top potential if they don’t stay healthy, eat a good breakfast and get a good night’s sleep the night before work; the same is true for machines, sort of. Machines need the best grease they can get in order to be as efficient as possible. This is why many folks in the silicone recycling industry are turning to PFPE grease for their machines.


When it comes to chemical compatibility, PFPE grease is unmatched. Since silicone has a tendency to react negatively to a number of petrochemical-based greases, we highly recommend considering PFPE grease for your machinery if you aren’t already using it. PFPE grease doesn’t react to any chemicals nor will it react to metals or silicone. The grease will bond with metal surfaces, ensuring countless hours of flawless operation. The grease works so well, that it can only be removed using a special solvent designed for degreasing PFPE grease. Should any other lubricant or grease come in contact with PFPE, it will simply slide off the surface due to PFPE’s chemical superiority.

What’s more, the only thickener that can be used in conjunction with PFPE grease is PTFE. This is good for a couple reasons, the first being that PTFE powder is so fine that it not only works as thickener, but also helps to reduce friction between moving parts and surfaces.

PFPE is Completely Chemically Inert

As mentioned, all PFPE greases and lubricants are completely chemically inert. So there is no flash point, they won’t react or ignite when exposed to extremely high temperatures. Since silicone recycling requires high temperatures at certain points of the processing, PFPE grease is ideal for this.

On top of that, PFPE grease is resistant to ridiculous levels of humidity. Steam and humid environments are no match for the power of PFPE. So if you have machinery that produces steam or various gases, PFPE is a wonderful grease choice unless you want to regularly clean and re-grease your machinery.

Temperature Range = Wide

As you probably gathered, the temperature range in which PFPE grease can be used in is quite wide. It can perform in anywhere from extreme negative temperatures all the way up to extremely hot temperatures with most greases having a usage range of – 36°C to 288°C (-33°F to 550°F).

So as you can see, PFPE grease are the perfect choice for when you need something that will outlast the harshest conditions, function in extreme temperatures and improve the efficiency while reducing maintenance required for your machinery.