Silicone Grease vs. PFPE Grease

Greases are made for lubrication and although they serve the same purpose, the ingredients are what are going to determine whether it’s good or not. In this article, we will provide a general comparison between silicone-based grease versus Perfluoropolyether (PFPE) based grease.

Silicone-Based Grease

Effectiveness – A majority of the silicone-based greases are relatively effective, they are far more superior to the cheaper mineral oil or petrochemical based greases. Silicone grease actually has a very wide working temperature and is compatible with most applications, whether it’s industrial or household purposes.

Durability – Silicone is such a diverse chemical that it can be used in many different applications a part from lubrication. Therefore, due to its flexibility, a quality thickener is often mixed into the grease, making it a superb choice of grease that lasts.

Water-Resistance – Silicone-based grease are supposed to repel water, however due to the different viscosities as well as quality of the silicone oil, the grease can wear out pretty fast. Due to its below-average durability, most high-end industrial greases are either petrochemical-based (low cost) or PFPE based (high-quality and wide temperature range) greases.

Cost – The difference in cost for silicone greases can vary a lot, depending on what grade of base oil that is used. However, in all fairness, silicone-based grease is usually very affordable and it’s also probably the best bang for your buck grease you can find on the market.pfpe-info-graphic2

PFPE-Based Grease

EffectivenessPFPE grease is considered the most effective grease on the market. Not only is it completely inert, but also has wide operating temperatures and extremely durable. PFPE grease is also used in aerospace and aviation industries where durability and inert properties play a crucial part.

Durability – When it comes to durability, PFPE-based grease is hands down the #1 on the market. Usually mixed with a PTFE thickener, it’s by far the most durable type of grease
available. A huge advantage is also the wide operating temperature, which allows the grease to work under extreme heat as well as cold.

Water-Resistance – All PFPE products will repel water and that is due to its chemical structure, PFPE is actually a long chain polymer consisting of carbon, oxygen and fluorine. The chemicals are atom-sized and can be modified to any viscosity in a laboratory. Due to these properties, PFPE can sometimes be a bit high in costs, but since it’s 100% water resistant, you won’t experience rust of any other form of troublesome side effects you would most likely experience when choosing a low-grade grease.

Cost – As mentioned in the previous point, any PFPE product will cost slightly more than regular types of grease, but it’s definitely a case of; you get what you pay for.